Klaus Remer Foyer

Showcase for art

The bright south Klaus Remer Foyer is the perfect space for art exhibitions, but is also often used for smaller receptions or catering. There have been regular art series exhibitions in this foyer at CPH since 2004. The historic walls create an exciting contrast to the large glass facade facing the street.

The foyer adjoins the Concert Hall and is connected to it by doors. That also makes it available for cultural events and galas in the Concert Hall.

Capacity Klaus Remer Foyer

wdt_ID Foyer areas qm
1 Klaus Remer Foyer ground floor 259
2 Foyer Anton Wilhelm Tischbein upper floor 298
3 Intermediate foyer ground floor 408
4 Foyer Henriette Westermayr ground floor 427
6 Entrance foyer ground floor 531

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