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At CPH, as organiser or visitor, you will always meet competent and attentive contacts. We are professionals for trade fairs, congresses, conferences, concerts, banquets, balls, theatre and many other events.

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Foto von Nicole Rautenberg
I have been a part of the CPH team since the ground-breaking ceremony in 2001. I took part in the construction phase and in the event operations startup. After seven years as head of department, I was made managing director in 2013 and have been since then. I am especially responsible for strategic and economic matters as well as for marketing and corporate philosophy issues. The CPH's charm, which, on the one hand, is due to its unique architecture, and on the other hand, its location next to the Schlossgarten park right at the town centre, inspires me anew every day.
Foto von Sabine Maiwald-Wolf

Sabine Maiwald-Wolf

Authorised Signatory | Marketing and Sales06181 - 2775 - 22
I've been at the CPH since the groundbreaking ceremony. Together with Nicole Rautenberg, I took part in the construction phase and started the marketing department. Today I am responsible for all topics related to marketing and sales of our establishment as an event location, and I am the contact person for our customers wishing to promote their events. I have really enjoyed my work the last 15 years, because for me the CPH is unique in the congress landscape due to its architecture and fantastic location next to the Schlossgarten. I also have great colleagues here.
Foto von Dalia Viragh

Dalia Viragh

Team Axxxssistant0 61 81 / 2775-21
When the town of Hanau needed an assistant at the Congress Park in 2004, I immediately applied for this position. I was curious about the varied tasks specified in the advertisement and have not been disappointed to this day. For customers and visitors, I am the first point of contact by phone, and I am responsible for purchasing and insurance management. I also oversee our own series of events such as the Congress Park Symphony and the Art series at the CPH. I look forward to my work at the office every day, because the CPH has fascinated me from day one.
Foto von Lisa Wegmann
I have fully dedicated myself to the CPH team since 2015. I came here for my bachelor's thesis on the subject of “Sustainability in the Event Industry”. With the CPH, I have found a company that is committed to sustainability. My job is to handle events, and I am very happy to be the contact person for all our customers' concerns before, during or after events. What really makes the CPH special are the people behind it. Everyone is very motivated here and always give their best for customers and colleagues. We are all committed to the CPH and also support one another as colleagues — this positive atmosphere is also conveyed to our customers.
Foto von Christina Boos
I've been part of the team since the summer of 2011 and work in the event management and marketing department. I perform various tasks that range from comprehensive event support to trade fair appearances. The CPH flourishes from the unique atmosphere that the establishment exudes. Our customers are always thrilled by its successful combination of the historical and modern. This interplay simply wins people over. Our customers also feel the team spirit, which is the basis of our daily work.
Foto von Kevin Kenntemich

Kevin Kenntemich

Event Manager
Dipl.-Audio-Engineer (SAE)
In September 2021, I joined the CPH team as an event manager. Before that, I worked independently as an audio engineer on various productions in Germany. I already knew the CPH team, especially the technical team, from various events. During a successful series of events that we held at CPH, the collaboration became more intense and my bond with the house and the team was further strengthened. The really great atmosphere in the team as well as the modern and versatile house convinced me to join here permanently.
Foto von David Rautenberg

David Rautenberg

Head of Event and Object Technology
Event Technology Expert
06181 - 2775 - 28
As the technical manager, I have been in charge of in-house (safety-related), technical operational readiness since 2007. In addition, as an event technology expert, I see that the numerous artists can perform effectively on stage and see that the lighting is correct for them. For me, the CPH is a real gem among the event venues: the event areas are almost infinitely scalable and allow every organiser to use the space in an exclusive way. Due to the two parts of the building being different, the CPH really offers versatility without the “shaky compromise of multifunctionality”. With our technical know-how, our creativity and the architecture, which is clever in many respects, there is hardly a wish from event organisers that we cannot realise.
Foto von Jan-Henning Buchold

Jan-Henning Buchold

Media and Event Technology
Event Technology Expert
Event Management Assistant (IHK)
06181 - 2775 - 27
I became part of the CPH team through freelance work as a technician, and I've been a permanent employee since 2011. As an event technology expert, I am in charge of implementing the technical know-how required for various events My focus is on IT administration. When it comes to #WiFi, #Internet, #Live streaming or #Network infrastructure, I am happy to assist our customers with constructive solutions as well as with help and advice. The CPH is simply a great place! Not too small and not too big. From the historic walls from 1714 to the modern architecture in the congress area, we have so much to offer and, regardless of our historical roots, we are always "up to date" with modern technology and innovative solutions.
Foto von Carsten Kieker

Carsten Kieker

Media and event technology
Event technology expert
Dipl.-Audio-Engineer (SAE)
06181 - 2775 - 29
For me, the CPH is simply a great location: small team — big impact! I've been part of it since September 2012 and I solve problems — be it in HR and material planning, pre-, post- and on-site production, or other technical issues. I am the point of contact for organisers on these topics, but you can basically always seek my help if you have any questions.
Foto von Marion Wögler

Marion Wögler

CPH Press and Public Relations0171 - 4751269
Foto von Joachim Haas-Feldmann

Joachim Haas-Feldmann

Press Spokesperson for the Beteiligungsholding Hanau GmbH0 61 81 / 295-266
Foto von Sascha Arnold

Sascha Arnold

Graphic / Dipl.-Designer06181/8098911

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